Revue Française de la recherche
en viandes et produits carnés

ISSN  2555-8560

Beef production in Brazil and future prospects

With a strong growth in production and export over the last 20 years, Brazil continues to consolidate and strengthen its position in international beef markets. This article summarizes Brazil’s improvements and developments in this sector, tracing the evolution of the Brazilian beef market from 2000 to 2021, paying attention to quality indicators and changing consumer expectations. In addition, this article presents the challenges and prospects for the Brazilian beef sector and highlights including the positive economic, social, and technological developments resulting from the implementation of the Meat Standards Australia (MSA) grading scheme. Projections for the Brazilian and world beef market are based on Brazilian and international research reports. Although facing difficulties due to the economic and sanitary crisis, the forecasts for the Brazilian and international markets are promising. This is an opportunity for the Brazilian beef sector to demonstrate in a transparent way the reliability of its production processes, both at the farm level and at the processing level by meat companies.

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