Revue Française de la recherche
en viandes et produits carnés

ISSN  2555-8560

Analysis of the book "La joie de manger"

“La joie de manger”, written by a recognized specialist in nutrition and member of the French Academy of Agriculture, places the act of eating in its globality with its three equally important functions: to nourish, to delight and to bring people together. He recalls the cultural dimension of our food. It shows how the food offer in our country is qualitatively and quantitatively remarkable and does not poison us, even if progress can and must still be made. The question of animalism and anti-speciesism, which are opposed from an anthropological point of view to the place of man, is largely developed from a moral and ethical angle. A spiritual approach to our diet gives this book an additional originality. Gratitude, respect, sharing, sobriety are values that can guide us far from dogmatic nutritional and ecological discourses. Thus, a peaceful relationship with our food and with others can be born. This book contrasts with many anxiety-provoking or moralistic books on food. Through five chapters, it addresses five facets of the place of food in human life.

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