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Presentation of the UMT SeSAM

Presentation of the UMT SeSAM (joint technological unit). The UMT SeSAM evaluates the services provided by the multiperforming livestock systems.
Due to the chanching context of beef & sheep production and horse farming and the expectations of consumers-citizens, the UMT SeSAM has made a priority of studying the multiperformance of bovine, ovine and equine farming systems and the services associated with it. In order to meet the challenges of farm profitability, security when faced with uncertainties (economic, climatic...) and societal expectations, three key areas are being developed within the framework of the UMT:
- construction and evaluation of the multiperformance of the productions in order to evaluate and improve, at different scales, the compromises made between services;
- improving the use of resources and animal feed efficiency;
- increasing the added-value of the productions by characterizing the intrinsic and extrinsic qualities of the products in order to improve the farm management and to favor product segmentation.

Pelvic suspension and meat ageing

Institut de l’Elevage set up an experiment for the company C.V. Plainemaison which involved 9 cows from the Limousine breed and the limousine region which carcasses weighed more than 400 kg. The study aimed to quantify the effects of carcass hanging method during chilling and ageing duration on eating qualities of 4 muscles coming from favorably priced cuts: cub roll, striploin, eye of rump and topside. At the end of the slaughter line, after weighing, one half-carcass of each animal was hung from the Achille tendon and the other one from the pelvic bone, both hanging methods being crossed with 2 ageing durations: 10 or 20 days. The 4 treatments tested within the same animal were assessed by 240 untrained consumers during a tasting of grilled steaks according to the “MSA” (« Meat Standards Australia ») protocols.
Both pelvic suspension and ageing extension up to 20 days improved tenderness, flavour liking, juiciness, overall liking and quality ranks of meat samples judged by consumers. These effects were highly significant and didn’t vary between muscles. The most important impact of tenderstretching concerned tenderness. For this criteria and for juiciness, pelvic suspension and aging had independent effects. However, for the other ones tenderstretching had a higher impact on meats aged 10 days than 20 days. These results have been introduced within the requirements specifications of the premium beef brand “Or Rouge, exceptional Limousine meat” recently launched by C.V. Plainemaison.

Animal breeding and genetics

Diversity and adaptation in a changing world
At a time when the world is undergoing global change and a climate crisis, and when many societal questions are emerging about the role and place of animal breeding, this book provides an overview of the history, methods and dynamics of change that have taken place over the last decade to shape the future of animal breeding. The domestication of animals and their selection are based on a long history shared between humans, animals and territories. This history is nourished by the continuous accumulation of new knowledge and methodological approaches that make it possible to characterize genetic diversity and progress in the choice of breeding stock adapted to increasingly diversified production systems in line with the agro-ecological transition and global food security. Genetic improvement contributes to the shaping of living organisms, which raises ethical questions whose acuteness is reinforced and renewed by the new opportunities offered by the animal biotechnologies and genomic tools.

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