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Analysis of the French beef cattle sector

The farms that produce large beef cattle usually have the lowest revenues of farmers in French agriculture. This revenue is also affected, within a context of increased volatility in the prices of agricultural products, by the more or less important specialization of the farms (notably by a favorable or unfavorable dilution effect of arable crops). The low cost of meats, the regular erosion of suckled beef calves towards Italy, the Russian embargo, a drastic decrease of cereal prices, the need for productivity research and the reinforcing of environmental standards have led to short-term difficulties of the farms concerned that have a higher impact since revenue is already very low. Outstanding payments with suppliers, treasury deficit, readjustment of the MSA contribution followed by decapitalization via reduced herd breeders, are signs of this situation, without identifying one particular typical profile. In a structural context of "massification" of beef, which is poorly segmented, dairy herd meat, however, provides between 35% (dairy breeds) and 45% (dairy farms) of beef, strongly impacting the price. The sector needs to anticipate, being offensive and with a much stronger organization and with government support. It should provide perspectives including recapturing its internal market, being totally offensive to third countries, acquiring modern tools for production and marketing (contracting, grouping of supply / expert decision / anticipation of crises), and improving the organization of its internal dialogue, particularly with someone involved in dairy products, who must be more attentive to meat issues. Governments must act so that farms that are in great difficulty be exempted from paying social charges and.

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