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Meat producing poultry sector: Analysis of lines of progress in conventional agriculture

The General Commission for the strategy and foresight (CSPF) asked INRA, under a specific call, to analyze the possibilities of changing practices and French agricultural systems to more sustainable production systems, balancing economic, environmental and social performances. The approach for conducting this study was, first, to describe what is meant by "multi -performance agriculture." To this end, the impact of more than 200 elementary agricultural practices have been described in terms of 35 indicators covering five performance classes: production, economics, consumption of natural resources, environmental protection and social performance. In a second step, the effects of the combinations of these practices on these five performance classes were analyzed by constructing a tool for the design of agricultural production systems. Simultaneously and complementarily, 8 sectors or groups of industry were analyzed: annual field crops (cereals, oilseed, proteinaceous plants and sugar beet); fruits, vegetables and potato consumption; vine and vine products; pigs; poultry; lactating cattle and sheep; cattle, sheep and dairy goats; equines. This work, carried out by the Filière Groups from INRA, was conducted according to the same analytical framework, namely the description of the context for each sector, highlighting strengths and weaknesses, identifying the barriers to multi-chain performances and obstacles keeping us from overcoming these barriers on the short, medium and long term. These barriers and levers concern not only farms but also the entire industry, public policy, counseling, etc. The main lines of research to be developed for each sector are also discussed. This article summarizes the work done on meat-producing poultry sector.

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